The Blueprint for Making an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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I was excited to be named Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship on July 1, 2017. Prior to Wake Forest, I was at Cornell University for eight years. While at Cornell, I taught entrepreneurship and business strategy at the undergraduate, graduate and executive levels.  I was also the founding director of eLab—Cornell’s startup accelerator program hailed by Forbes Magazine as …

Entrepreneurship is Contagious

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The question I get asked most as a 25-year-old entrepreneur: “How do you know how to do all of this?” My response, always with a laugh: “I don’t!!” There’s something exciting and liberating about this truth. I take risks because I don’t know any better. I think unconventionally because nobody has taught me the rules. I pivot when necessary because …

Sharks are dangerous, especially on TV!

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Why Shark Tank Skews Reality for Nascent Entrepreneurs Written by Dr. Dan Cohen, Executive Director, The Center for Entrepreneurship First, reality doesn’t matter as much as the perception of reality. If you are like most people, your exposure to entrepreneurship and investors may be limited to watching Shark Tank on TV. While entertaining, the show can have some negative impact …

Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship—the tie that binds in the Entrepreneurship Minor at Wake Forest University

In Blog by Paul Pauca

A paradigm shift has occurred in the discipline of entrepreneurship that has replaced the “build it and they will come” mentality that preceded the current approach known as evidence-based entrepreneurship (also known as lean startup or lean launch pad). The outmoded approach looked something like this: create a novel idea, sell the vision to venture capitalists (or angel investors or …

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Dan Cohen named John C. Whitaker, Jr. Executive Director

In CE, News by Paul Pauca

After a successful fifteen-year career as an entrepreneur that included founding, growing, and ultimately selling his startup, Dan Cohen transitioned to academia full time in 2005 when he accepted a position teaching entrepreneurship and strategy courses at The University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business from 2005-2007. While at the University of Iowa, Cohen earned accolades for teaching, advising and …

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A “Flower-side chat” with Lindsay Chambers ’00

In News by Paul Pauca

At our end-of-year Excellence in Entrepreneurship Gala, Provost Rogan Kersh facilitated a “flower-side chat” with Lindsay Chambers (’00), an award-winning interior designer and this year’s recipient of the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award, which is an award that recognizes a WFU alumnus, parent, or friend who has demonstrated unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a Wake Forest mindset of creativity and social …