Minor Declaration

Entrepreneurship can be combined with any academic major at Wake Forest.

Drop by or email barretsf@wfu.edu to learn more.


  • Have a major?

    Must have already declared a major before declaring a minor.

  • Time at WFU?

    At least 3 semester are needed if you have not taken entrepreneurship courses.

Graduation Requirements

The minor requires a total of 19 hours. Some approved electives can be transferred from study abroad programs. Check with us to learn more.

  • Core Courses

    ESE 105 (1h), 200 (3h), 201 (3h), and 205 (3h)

  • Electives

    At least 9 hours of 3xx (cross-listed) entrepreneurship courses

  • Options

    BUS 295 – Summer Management Program can account for 3 elective hours.

  • Restrictions

    Core courses must be taken at Wake Forest. No more than 6 elective hours may be counted from a student’s major or taken abroad. No more than 6 hour can be taken pass/fail to be counted for the minor.