Humanitech supports initiatives to develop and work on ideas and innovations that address challenging problems and are clearly focused on specific target populations.

Challenging problems

Clean water, deforestation, pollution, hunger, mental health, disabilities, poverty, to name a few. What are you passionate about?

Vexing problems are best tackled when people from multiple disciplines collaborate and work together.

Collaborative problem solving

Enhancing social impact

For us, valuable ideas and innovations are intimately tied to direct interaction with the population or customer sector being served.

Upcoming Humanitech opportunities

Innovation Grants

Available to WFU faculty, students, and staff.

Application deadline: TBA

What We’re Looking For

  • 01

    Challenging problem and idea for how to address this problem

  • 02

    Multidisciplinary team of faculty and students

  • 03

    Stakeholder commitment for participation

  • 04

    Plan for implementation and results


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