Provide engaged teaching, coaching, and mentoring within a robust and vibrant entrepreneurial culture that is so appealing that every student wants to be a part of, and where our students thrive in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. By 2025, we seek for the Wake Forest Center for Entrepreneurship to be a model by which other liberal arts entrepreneurship programs are measured.


To educate and inspire entrepreneurial leaders capable of creating immense economic and social value

Core Values


Create an environment that attracts the highest quality, most passionate and capable students, faculty, entrepreneurs, mentors, and advisors.


Deliver a cutting edge educational experience to our students that is at the forefront of best practices.


Instill values of trust, civility and respect in our students that will be modeled by our faculty and staff.

Cooperative competition

Build an atmosphere of spirited, yet cooperative competition among our students


Foster an environment where our students go after their dreams without fear of failure.


Create an atmosphere where students can explore their ideas with passion


Instill a restlessness in our students for changing the status quo to make the world a better place.


Promote an environment that values cross-disciplinary efforts necessary for creative problem solving.